2014: Record Year For Recalls & Sales

Post On 01-06-2015

Unfortunately for many of us, 2014 was the number one year for auto recalls in the country. While this phenomenon impacted millions of Americans nationwide, experts are now saying that the rate of recalls did not impact the number of auto sales across America.

The history of the auto industry will surely be marked by 2014’s records and its impact will probably be felt for a long time, but analysts are now trying to understand just what’s behind the surge in the number of auto sales just as the number of recalled cars was going up.

According to the New York Times, 2014 saw one million more vehicles being sold than the previous year, making 2014 the number one in both auto recalls and sales. Analysts believe that the fact so man cars were recalled might have a lot to do with the increased number of auto sales companies like General Motors, Toyota, and Honda benefitted from last year.

Recalls Don’t Scare Buyers

Some of the reasons behind the growth, analysts say, may include excitement regarding the current economical growth America is seeing as well as falling gas prices. Many of the new cars roaming the streets of the country are purchased trough leases, which are now cheaper than ever.

Experts say the impressive growth could be masking consumers’ lack of attention to their safety. In many cases, motorists will buy a used vehicle before checking if the car has any open recalls under its belt. Open recalls are often related to issues that could result in severe, or even deadly accidents. Not paying attention to the risks could eventually lead to accidents that could have been prevented.

Some of the most popular vehicles in America in 2014 include small SUVs and luxury models. Most of the newer cars sold in the country last year happened to be SUVs and trucks.

Many believe that a boost of production will obviously lead to a boost in the number of recalls, but safety experts are urging automakers to do what they can to ensure their cars are 100 percent safe before they leave the factory.

With the increase in the number of companies working on developing better and more reliable cars, consumers could soon benefit from the car safety innovation.

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