AAA Wants You To Get Your Car Ready For Winter

Post On 01-09-2015

In certain California areas where the winter may turn out to be somewhat harsh, drivers should never ignore the damage their vehicles often experience due to the drop in temperature. Too often, the damage increases the risk of accidents, putting the lives of everyone involved in serious danger.

AAA has decided to put together a list of certain important inspections points that should not be ignored by car owners this winter. One of the inspection points not to be ignored is the battery. According to experts, drivers should check for loose cables and make sure that there’s no corrosive buildup.

Also, making sure that your battery is also fully charged will also help to avoid complicated situations in the near future. If your battery has been used for over two years, make sure it’s tested.

AAA has also urged drivers to make sure the radiator is filled with 50/50 blend of water and anti-freeze as needed. Making sure that hoses are also checked for leaks, potential cracks, or bulges could also help drivers to avoid accidents.

Other important points all car owners should make sure they work on during the winter time include the air filters, tires, belts, and windshield washers. Making sure your car is ready to face colder temperatures will help to keep you safe at all times, especially if it happens to snow anywhere near you.

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