At Least 6 Million Vehicles Affected by Latest Toyota Recall

Post On 04-09-2014

Toyota has just joined General Motors and is now issuing a recall for over 6 million vehicles.

It hasn’t been easy for major automakers, consumers and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. According to recent reports, Toyota has just announced a major recall campaign that will affect 6.39 million cars worldwide for a variety of issues.

The recall campaign involves other vehicles that are not made by Toyota but that were produced or assembled in the same plants in California. According to several news sources, at least two reports of fires involving affected vehicles have been registered. No other accidents or injuries were reported.

The company has stated that the fires were linked to a defective engine starter that is used to keep the motor running.

Some of the 27 Toyota models that are being affected by this recall around the globe are being recalled for more than one problem. The Pontiac Vibe, which is a vehicle manufactured by GM and the Subaru Trezia, which is by Subaru, a company partially owned by Toyota, are also affected by the recall. Vehicles affected in the United States include the Corolla, Matrix, Yaris, Tacoma, RAV4 and Highlander.

Toyota is no stranger to recall crisis. In 2009, a major recall was also issued by the Japanese manufacturer due to a series of problems, which included faulty floor mats and other issues like sticky gas pedals. The company has announced the global recall that affects cars in the United States, Europe, Japan and other regions of the world. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the last major Toyota recall, which was thought to be related to software or other electronic issues.

Because most of the U.S. auto industry is focused on the latest GM recall, it could take some consumers some time to learn about this recent Toyota recall, but if you believe you may have been affected, contact Toyota right away to obtain more information on what you should do to have this issue addressed.

You can read more about the latest Toyota recall by following this link.

Because this announcement is recent, it could take some time for Toyota to issue an official recall date and remedy. If you were directly affected and you haven’t been contacted by the company, contact them right away. Incidents or other issues related to potentially affected Toyota models should be reported to the company and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Never ignore a recall campaign linked to an issue that could affect you or your loved ones.