Automakers Discuss Car Hacking Threats, Is It Really Possible?

Post On 06-26-2013

Multiple news agencies have been covering recent reports concerning automakers and federal agencies showing deep concerns related to a possible risk of car hacking that car owners could soon face since more and more vehicles are equipped with central computers that rely on GPS tracking technology and other features.

Experts say that while no real threats were registered so far, researchers affiliated with the Center for Automotive Embedded Systems Security was able to successfully hack into a car’s vital computer system. According to the reports, the researcher plugged a device into the OBD-II port in the vehicle, which can be found under the dashboard.

Researchers were also able to prove how easily one could hack into the car systems by infecting the car’s system with a code that is transmitted over a Wi-Fi connection.

Since the possibility exists, many automakers have decided to look into this issue and address the risks by developing new technologies in order to ensure that the car systems are not compromised and drivers are safe. Automakers are discussing the problems in order to assess the situation and create real solutions while the NHTSA has also decided to look into the matter.

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