Bicycle Safety Tips for Parents and Children

Post On 09-19-2013

Bicycle safety continues to be a hot topic among many riders and drivers across the country.

Cyclists and drivers should know they must follow road rules at all times in order to ensure that they are safe. Safety experts urged riders to follow certain tips and teach their children to also follow safety guidelines in order to avoid accidents.

One of the most important things parents should do for their children when they are ready to ride a bicycle is to find the perfect helmet. The device must fit properly and comfortably. When the helmet is loose, the child may be exposed to injury risks.

Purchasing proper and safe equipment can also help. Teach your children to use the equipment and maintain it properly. Check if the reflectors are working well, if the brakes are effective and if the bicycle seat is sturdy. Teach your children to look for signs of wear or cracks in order to ensure they know when to ask you for new equipment.

Parents are also urged to ensure that their children are under their supervision or the supervision of an adult while you’re still uncomfortable about leaving them alone to ride on their own. Limiting your child’s ride to parks or paths specifically designed for bike riders could also help to ensure that your child is safe at all times.

Being a good example is the best way to teach your child how to stay safe while riding a bicycle.

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