Car Safety Tech Is Saving Lives

Post On 01-07-2015

Auto accidents continue to be the number one cause of death among small children, but when it comes to the overall number of deadly car accidents in the country, reports have indicated that the number has been declining considerably. While that’s true, the number of accidents happening due to distraction has been allegedly increasing, putting the burden of making roads safer on the shoulders of drivers who continue to use their phones while behind the wheel.

According to the data released by the federal government, car safety features being added to newer models have been making a major difference when it comes to fatal auto crashes. Most of the newer models come packed with car safety technologies that protect occupants and keep them from experiencing any major personal injuries.

Experts believe that once automakers focus on developing more advanced car safety technologies, the number of deadly auto accidents may end up dropping to an all-time low, even as the number of auto recalls goes up. In spite of the several safety recalls, technology has achieved a level of competency that has been primarily responsible for maintaining countless drivers safe.

Newer Cars: Safer Than Ever

The Wall Street Journal released an analysis focused on the data pertaining to auto accidents involving newer vehicles and what it discovered is that deaths in newer models have fallen sharply. In 2013, newer models packed with the latest car safety features had a lower fatality rate than vehicles fresh from the factory had in previous years. According to the analysis, number of fatalities when it comes to the latest model released each year has been falling by nearly two-thirds in the past ten years. Experts say that this alone should serve as enough incentives for us to continue to focus on pushing automakers to develop safer, better cars than the previous year.

Data shows that, when compared to the previous year, last year’s auto death figures dropped 3.1 percent. The number of people injured in auto accidents fell 2.1 percent from the year before as well.

While a series of different factors may influence traffic deaths and personal injuries accidents, car safety technology could help to prevent serious injuries from taking place in the event of accidents. What automakers are now hoping to focus more by developing autonomous features is on making vehicles that are also capable of avoiding accidents altogether, combining crash-avoidance technologies with innovative safety features, the cars of the future could be making roads crash-free in no time.

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