Children Learn About Safety at Bike Rodeo

Post On 08-14-2013

When it comes to riding a bicycle, safety should be everybody’s priority, especially if kids are involved.

While riding a bicycle is a healthy way to spend some times with our family members while teaching kids important skills, parents are always urged to focus on safety. Because of the great number of accidents involving bicyclists, multiple independent safety advocacy groups along law enforcement agencies decided to look into the development of educational programs that focus on teaching children how to safely ride their bicycles.

An event that occurred today taught children about bike safety. The bike rodeo made it possible for safety technicians to talk to children about the proper use of safety gear. According to multiple news agencies, parents were urged to keep in mind that the child should always have a helmet that is the right size of the child’s head, in order to avoid a possible injury in case the helmet is loose.

Because children are now back to school, many of them will be using their bicycles more often. It’s important that parents teach their children how to stay safe while riding their bikes at all times. Traffic rules should also be respected. Children must learn that it’s also their responsibility to make sure they are riding safely.

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