Children’s Toy Recalled

Post On 09-11-2013

A children’s toy was recently discovered to be defective. The Monster Science Growing Spider with polymer balls expand to eight times their original size. They were taken off the market since they can be easily swallowed by a child, leading to severe problems that may be life-threatening. The products were sold at Target and Cracker Barrel. Around 26,500 products are part of the recall, and they include specific model numbers. The toy sets include colorful balls that absorb 300-800 times their weight in water and expand eight times their original size. The products include the logo for Be Amazing! Toys and they were made for ages 8 and up. They’re designed to be dropped in water where they expand. The model number can be found on the bottom of the package, and the front and back of the package includes warnings that the toys shouldn’t be used without proper adult supervision. As of yet, there haven’t been any reported injuries. The Consumer Product Safety Commission is aware of one case when an 8-year-old swallowed the toy, which needed to be removed surgically. Customers can request a refund for the toy, which sold for between $3-5, according to news reports.