City of Beverly Hills to Install New Bike Lanes

Post On 06-25-2013

According to multiple news sources, the City of Beverly Hills has begun to work on the installation of two bike routes in order to promote bike safety and ensure that cyclists can ride safely while sharing the road with other vehicles in the region.

The project was primarily approved in November of 2012. While the bike routes are being added to two particular roads, all roads are legally open to bicyclists. City officials will be monitoring the bike routes during the following year in order to learn more about how these routes are affecting traffic. Custom-made bike racks will also be installed throughout the business district in order to offer cyclists a safe spot for them to stop their bicycles.

The bicycle lanes are six-foot wide and include two lanes in each direction. Users in the region will have the lanes connected with bike routes that have already been established all across Los Angeles. Riders can identify bike lanes with markings of a bicycle and chevrons, which makes it easy for drivers and riders alike to single out bicycle lanes.

If you live in the region and you would like to learn more about the new lanes, follow this link for the full article.