Could Car-to-Car Communication Boost Motorcycle & Car Safety?

Post On 01-26-2015

Car safety is a serious subject. According to a serious of news reports, the Department of Transportation continues to look into improving road safety. To do that, it wants to improve motorcycle safety.

The car-to-car communication system has been under tests for a few years with the help of the DOT. It could soon be used not only for what the agency calls “light” vehicles. This could include motorcycle to the list of light vehicles the technology is focused on. Motorcycles would then be part of the list along passenger vehicles, SUVs or pickup trucks. These cars have been using the technology for tests in Michigan for years.

How Does It Work?

The car safety technology works by offering vehicles traveling near your car enough info on your speed and location. That provides them with details regarding potential risks. If risks are identified ahead, the car-to-car communication system—known as V2V—will warn the driver about the danger.

This technology reportedly does not gather personal information concerning the driver. Instead, it trades information on the road with other vehicles, boosting car safety to all people involved.

According to the DOT and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s analysis, the technology is able to address most of the issues that lead to multi-vehicle accidents. If the technology is also added to motorcycles, riders could also benefit from the data being exchanged by other vehicles.

While the features are still not available to the wider public, the federal agency should soon be able to make a statement on what it would like to do to ensure this technology is made available to Americans everywhere.

Whether the feature is soon made widely available or not, remember: car safety comes first. To avoid crashes, drivers should never ignore that certain activities such as speeding and distracted driving should not be part of your daily driving routine.

If you are willing to learn more about how the V2V technology could boost safety, follow this link.