Elementary School Students Learn About Bike Safety

Post On 09-26-2013

Elementary kids are learning more about bike safety in order to prevent accidents. Schools have decided to make young kids more familiarized with safe riding practices early on in order to make riders more aware of the risks they could be exposed to.

The safety advocacy group Safe Kids has provided helmets to the kids participating in bike safety classes provided by local schools on Tuesday. Kids learned about the rules of the road and how to avoid injuries and major accidents by following safe riding practices. During the classes, children navigated a course that was outlined with cones, chalk, and several traffic signs in order to learn just how to deal with some of the most common things they will encounter when riding in the real world.

Bicycle safety is important for riders of all age groups. If you are a parent and you would like to teach your child how to safely ride a bicycle and avoid accidents, make sure to find educational events near you to offer your children the opportunity of participating in events that will be both elucidating and extensive. Sometimes, these events may teach your kids much more than you could teach them on your own.

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