Have a Safe, Fun Summer Following These Grill Safety Tips

Post On 07-28-2014

We have covered the importance of following certain safety tips in order to ensure that your next barbecue or summer gathering is safe to everybody involved. Many Americans, their families and friends should be aware of certain steps they ought to follow if they want to make sure that children, pets and their properties are safe during their barbecues.

Recently, many safety experts decided to look into the risks associated with grilling. Whether you use charcoal or propane grills, you’re urged to make sure that certain steps are followed in order to make sure your grill does not pose a severe risk to anybody.

Before anything, experts urge you to keep in mind that both charcoal and propane barbecue grills are supposed to be used outdoors. Anytime you set up the grills, they should be placed away from any property, especially your home. The outdoors is the best place for a grill, no matter how experienced you think you may be. According to experts, consumers should also make sure that grills are not place under eaves or overhanging branches. Children and pets should always stay far away from the area where the grill has been placed. Once the grill has been used, make sure to ensure the grill is cleaned promptly. Remove grease or fat buildup, which is usually found in the trays used to catch the spilling oil. Do not leave a working grill unattended. If necessary, have others sharing the responsibility so that the grill is never left alone while it’s being used.

When it comes to charcoal grills, experts have other tips they urge you to follow. First of all, consumers must use only charcoal starter fluid if they choose to use starter fluid. Adding extra charcoal fluid to the grill after it was already started with the starter fluid could increase the fire risk.

Your charcoal starter, if electric, will not use fire. Consumers must make sure that an extension cord is in place in order to have the grill placed outdoors.

When using propane grills, make sure that the gas tank is off as soon as you identify a gas leak either by its smell or the soapy bubble test. To ensure the grills is safe, consumers are urged to check the hose as soon as possible for leaks before you start using it. A solution involving light soap and water may be applied to the hose in order to ensure that the hose is leaf-free. If bubbles are released, it’s time to cancel the barbecue.

For more detailed information on how to have a safe barbecue with a propane or a charcoal grill, follow this link.