Holgate Toys Recalls Sets, Parts Could Come Detached

Post On 08-09-2013

Toy sets manufactured by Holgate Toys have been recalled after the company learned of an incident associated with certain parts coming detached, which could pose a serious risk to small children.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has indicated that the sets sold at Wegmans Food Stares nationwide are being recalled after it was noticed that wooden vehicles that are part of these sets could come detached, which could then cause a child to choke if he or she attempts to bring the product to their mouths.

If the child is very young, he or she may want to swallow the piece, which could then cause them to choke. The federal agency has stated that the Wegmans Playmat Set can be identified by the UPC code number 0 7789028735 4 and the words “Wegmans” and “Wegmans Playmat Set.” At least one incident associated with parts coming detached unexpectedly was reported.

The full recall announcement was published here. If you have this set, keep the small wooden pieces out of reach of children and contact the manufacturer or the store of purchase for more details.

Whenever you’re affected by a recall announcement that is linked to a product designed for children, make sure to act promptly.