New Bike Feature Combines Tail Lights And GPS Systems

Post On 01-30-2014

According to a series of news reports, a Brazilian company has developed a new feature for bicycle riders that could help them to avoid accidents and know where they are headed at all times.

Multiple reports have shown that the tail light with a built-in GPS tracker known as Yon Bike Lamp can be accessed with the help of the user’s smartphone through an app or a web browser. The rider can check on the bike’s location and even go over the bicycle’s location statistics all through a smartphone app.

The features will also offer a suite of fitness and motion monitoring capabilities that can take into account how many calories the rider has burned off during his or her ride. Once the bicycle is not in use, the feature will automatically shut itself off in order to preserve its battery life. The tail-light is also water-resistant. The feature will help riders in case they get their bicycle lost or stolen since the feature can tell its owner about the bike’s whereabouts.

While the feature is not available to the public year, the company has indicated that the announcement should be made soon. The product should be available beyond its main market, which is the country of Brazil.

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