New Car Technology Would Make Catching Vandals Easy

Post On 02-12-2015

According to several news reports, a new type of car technology could soon be helping drivers everywhere to avoid major costs in the long run.

The Intelligent Damage Detection System developed by a German company would offer a system that reads the exact moment and intensity of a scratch or dent. The technology also offers a warning to the driver. When used in full, the system may also record the movement so that the moment that the dent or scratch was carried out can be recorded in a video format.

This system could be used by newer vehicles, trucks, or rental car companies. According to the reports, the German developer is now looking for partners so that the technology can be made available to the wider public.

Could This New Car Technology Save Drivers Money?

Since the feature could be used with materials that are already in use, car owners of older vehicles could make use of this technology.

Experts say that since the technology also makes use of GPS, it collects the exact location of the scratch. The sensors read the intensity of the impact as well. According to some of them, drivers could be warned of problems before they escalate. This kind of readiness could help drivers to avoid serious issues with their vehicles.

According to a series of news sources, the new car technology is known as Intelligent Damage Detection Sy

Experts say that, while this technology is still not ready to be marketed, it could be available by 2018. At this moment, the company is working to have automakers use this technology and apply it to their newer models.

To learn more about how this car technology works, follow this link. Hopefully, more developers will work on developing newer features that offer solutions to our daily problems on top of new, better car safety tech.