NHTSA’s Car Safety Ratings May Change

Post On 01-22-2015

The car safety rating system used by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is about to undergo some important changes that could boost safety and help consumers to find out exactly the kind of car they need much more easily.

According to a series of reports concerning the changes proposed by the NHTSA, more information concerning car safety ratings and the presence of crash avoidance technology should soon be made available on new car stickers. According to some experts, the addition of some of this information could help consumers to make better informed decisions.

While changes to federal requirements concerning the addition of crash avoidance technologies to newer vehicles hasn’t been discussed yet, experts believe that the new addition to the newer vehicles could help consumers and make sure that automakers have enough incentives to keep adding crash avoidance technology to their cars.

Experts are happy about the changes but want more. According to the reports, moving forward with new regulations that would push automakers to add crash avoidance features to all of its new vehicles should be considered. While the NHTSA believes new regulations could boost car safety and improve the lives of consumers across the country, it also thinks that new requirements may end up making many popular vehicles too expensive for consumers.

Whether the requirements are pursued by the NHTSA or not, drivers will soon be able to know right away if a vehicle they are interested in purchasing have earned the five star safety rating award from the NHTSA and whether the vehicle is fitted with crash avoidance features.

Crash Avoidance Features Don’t Promote Car Safety On Their Own

Drivers should always keep in mind that owning and driving a vehicle is a responsibility. If you cannot take the privilege of driving with the responsibility, you should not drive a car. Getting behind the wheel of a vehicle and give in to distraction increases the risk of major auto accidents. When it comes to car safety, we should be excited about the innovations embraced by the industry, but we should also remember that accidents will be prevented only when we start paying attention to the road.

If you’re curious to know more about how the NHTSA hopes to proceed to make sure that the five star rating system changes, follow this link to read the full article. Also, keep in mind to never ignore the car safety ratings promoted by the federal agency and the Insurance Institute Highway Safety.