Soulja Boy Hit-And-Run Lawsuit

Soulja Boy’s Bentley Flees Hit-And-Run Accident Scene – Motorcyclist Severely Injured

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Soulja Boy Lawsuit

A young man by the name of Gabor Turi, was driving his motorcycle through a Los Angeles intersection on his green light, when a red Bentley suddenly made a left-turn in front of him. So close was the Bentley to Mr. Turi’s motorcycle, that he did not have the time to even try to brake or lay the bike down. The ensuing collision between the two vehicles was powerful enough to cause Mr. Turi to be ejected from his motorcycle, and to crash into the street, where he lay bleeding, with life-threatening injuries.

The driver of the Bentley did not stop, but fled the scene. A witness reported that he heard “tires squeal” as he saw the Bentley take off north on El Centro Ave.

A Good Samaritan who witnessed the accident turned around and chased the Bentley Continental north on El Centro. Later he would tell the police how he observed the Bentley drive on the wrong side of the road, and pass a line of cars as he tried to flee the scene. The Bentley then blew through a four-way stop at El Centro and Selma. Ultimately, the driver of the Bentley got bogged down in traffic, at which point the witness caught up with him.                                                                                   
The Bentley had no plates on either the front, or back of the car; however, the police investigation would later identify the exceedingly rare red Bentley Continental as being owned by hip-hop artist Soulja Boy (real name DeAndre Cortez Way). The driver of the Bentley was determined to be Abrahim Mohammed Mustafa, a sometime rapper and artist who goes by the name “Arab”, and who co-wrote and features in Soulja Boy’s “Yahhh!” video.

Mr. Mustafa was bound over for trial on criminal charges for “Hit and Run” and a trial date is shortly to be set in Los Angeles County Criminal Court.

Gabor Turi lay in the street bleeding, until the paramedics came and rushed him to Cedars-Sinai Hospital, where he was diagnosed with a fractured right shoulder, knee and foot injuries, and severe lacerations and other injuries to his male genitalia, which required immediate surgery and hospitalization. Mr. Turi’s injuries have not yet healed completely, and he may face additional surgery.       

Attorney Larry Nagelberg, of the Nagelberg Bernard Law Group, Inc., who represents Gabor Turi in a civil suit states: “it is unfortunate that we live in a time where young, rich, celebrities are indulged to such excess that many think they are above the law”. Further, Mr. Nagelberg states: “society at large is now struggling with, as some put it, ‘The Bieber Effect’ and, it is crucial that society take a stand, as failure to do so will only lead to more egregious and dangerous behavior, and to more threats against persons and property.”

The instant case which involves an automobile vs. motorcycle accident raises issues of the dangers faced by all motorcyclists by vehicle drivers who are indifferent to them, and who drive with no regard for the safety of their motorcycling compatriots.

Attorney Larry Nagelberg, an avid motorcyclist, states: “I have been involved with motorcycles for over 30 years in both my personal, and professional, life. I have ridden for thousands of miles, both alone, and with my fellow bikers. Not only have I observed more and more of my friends being involved in accidents, but my law office, which has long handled motorcycle accidents, is seeing a real influx of these types of cases. An accident is supposed to be an infrequent occurrence, not endemic to the sport.”

Filed 10-15-13 Case BC524433 (Los Angeles Superior Court)

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