4.2M Graco Child Safety Seats Have Now Been Recalled

Post On 03-14-2014

Car safety seats can save the lives of your children in the event of an accident. Because the use of these devices can protect your children and ensure their lives are spared in serious collisions, law enforcement agents and safety experts urge parents to always make sure they respond to recall announcements linked to car seats they use regularly.

According to a recent report, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has announced that it could be adding about 1.8 million more car safety seats to a recall campaign that had already affected millions of others.

All affected units of these devices are infant car safety seats. The reports show that the issue is associated with buckles that may not be easy to be detached, which could then increase the risks associated with parents not being able to remove their children promptly from the devices in an emergency. Many reports of incidents associated with parents having to cut the harnesses in order to release their children have been registered with the company. The NHTSA is concerned that this issue increases the risk of death in cases of emergencies, which is a problem that must be addressed promptly.

Graco reported that it’s working on developing new safety seats with different harnesses that would make it easier for consumers to release the child. Up to this moment, 4.2 million car safety seats are affected by the recall, which is the updated number of seats after the recall was expanded.

The NHTSA has announced that this is the fourth-largest child car seat recall in the history of the U.S. and consumers should not delay to respond to to it if they are affected. Consumers who believe they may have been affected by this recall should contact Graco at once and ask more details on this campaign so they can act to avoid injuries in the event of an emergency.

Graco says that the added number of seats hadn’t been added to the original recall because they are removable but the NHTSA believes that whether the seat itself is removable or not, the harnesses should be made easier to detach in case of an emergency, considering that parents or caregivers may nto be able to remove the entire seat in the event of an accident.

You can read more on the extension of this recall by following this link to have access to the full article. Act as soon as you can if you were affected.