After 400 Incidents, Company Recalls Jump Starter Set

Post On 02-13-2015

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has recently indicated that ZETA by Jackco Pocket Jump Starter – Deluxe Sets are being recalled after the firm learned that over 400 incidents were registered.

The official announcement has indicated that the jump starter kits come with battery packs that could overheat while in use. This problem could suddenly lead to the melting of the battery pack’s enclosure, which could then lead to either burn injuries or property damage. Unfortunately for some consumers impacted by this recall, the product’s overheating led to property damage incidents.

Over 5,000 units of the sets were sold nationwide. If you were one of the impacted consumers, you’re urged to make sure to stop using the jumper cables and the battery set immediately. Contact Jackco Transnational immediately to ask the firm how you should proceed to have the issue addressed.

Recalled products should be returned or destroyed so nobody else is exposed to the risks. The company should offer refund to all consumers that have been affected.

To identify the items, make sure to look for the date code XM201407XXXXXX and the word ZETA printed on the front of the product’s case in blue and red letters. At least 487 consumers reported incidents involving battery failure. Two incident reports involved incidents that led to fires. Both cases led to property damage.

Consumers with any questions or concerns related to this recall should contact the manufacturer or follow this link to read the full recall announcement published by the CPSC.

Whenever you’re affected by a recall campaign that could expose you and your loved ones to injuries or property damage, make sure to do all you can to respond to the recall campaign and heed the instructions immediately so that further issues can be avoided.

The CPSC often reports on recalls immediately and consumers should stay on top of the reports to avoid any potential problems.