Bel Air Recalls Chandeliers Over Injury, Property Damage Risks

Post On 06-25-2013

According to a series of news agencies, Portfolio and Transglobe nine-light chandeliers are being recalled over a possible injury hazard.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a statement concerning this recall. According to the official report, the mounting loop that keeps the chandeliers attached to the ceiling could break unexpectedly, increasing the risks associated with the device falling unexpectedly. People standing directly underneath the chandelier or nearby could eventually be injured as a result.

At least 20,500 units of these devices are affected by this recall.

The potentially hazardous products come with nine lights and its metal frame is bronze-colored. Accents are gold-toned. According to Bel Air Lighting, these devices can be identified by the item number 256047. The federal agency has stated that the affected products were linked to at least 18 reports of incidents related to the chandeliers coming detached from the ceilings. In some of the cases, consumers experienced property damage. Injuries haven’t been reported in association with these incidents.

According to the federal agency, affected consumers are being urged to prevent people from going anywhere near the area under the defective chandeliers. If you have one of the defective products in your home, contact Bel Air as soon as possible to have the company send you a free replacement mounting ring and further instructions concerning the installation of the component. Consumers affected by this recall purchased the products at Lowe’s stores across the nation between February 2007 and June 2010.

You can follow this link to visit the CPSC’s official recall page.