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Recall Campaign Targets Evenflo Car Safety Seats

Post On 02-17-2015

Too often, consumer products impacted by recalls are associated with incidents before companies issue recall campaigns.

Unfortunately for parents and their children, some of these products sometimes happen to be car safety seats and other items designed for children.

While facing a series of campaigns carried out by the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Evenflo Company attempted to(Read More)

High Chairs Distributed During Ellen DeGeneres Show Recalled

Post On 02-06-2015

According to a series of news reports, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has indicated that Mima Moon high chairs are being recalled.

The devices have three different uses in one. According to the official announcement, the high chair comes with seats that could become loose suddenly, causing them to become dislodged. This issue could allow the child(Read More)

Experts Offer Tips On Avoiding Personal Injury Accidents Near Schools

Post On 01-15-2015

Driving and walking safety should be taken seriously by students and their parents.

With children, teens, and young adults getting back to their school activities comes the risks. Drivers and pedestrians alike should make sure that certain steps are followed so that personal injury accidents are avoided. According to some of the experts, the first thing to do(Read More)

New Car Safety Seat Technology Could Boost Child Safety

Post On 12-17-2014

News sources have been busy reporting on the latest developments concerning Graco car safety seats and the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s investigation into the company’s delay to issue a comprehensive recall campaign promptly after the first complaints were registered.

While the reports coming from the NHTSA are not exactly encouraging, news sources have also been covering(Read More)

Deadly Accident Inspires Mother To Speak Out About Car Safety Seat Usage

Post On 12-11-2014

Children continue to be more likely to die due to auto accidents than any other factor.

Unfortunately for many children, mistakes involving car safety seat installation end up resulting in deadly injuries. That’s why a mother is now using her personal story to make others aware of what they should do to keep their children from being injured(Read More)

NHTSA Investigates Why Graco Postponed Car Seat Recall

Post On 12-02-2014

Graco car safety seats are now under investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration after the company was accused of delaying in recalling millions of potentially defective and hazardous car safety seats.

According to the several news sources covering this story, a timeliness query has been opened by the agency due to the handling of an issue(Read More)

Avoid Personal Injury During The Thanksgiving Holiday

Post On 11-25-2014

Thanksgiving is a fun and exciting holiday.

According to multiple experts, however, it’s also the time of the year that the rate of domestic incidents goes up, mostly due to the fact that most of us fail to pay attention to the risks associated with cooking a meal to a large group.

When it comes to making sure that(Read More)

IIHS Releases List of Top Rating Child Booster Seats

Post On 11-06-2014

Too often, parents end up choosing the wrong type of car safety seat or booster seat for their child.

Since auto accidents continue to be the number one cause of death among children across the country, the proper use of car safety seats that are actually perfect for your child’s height, weight, and age could help to prevent(Read More)

Parents Still Not Getting Car Safety Seats Right

Post On 11-05-2014

Parents continue to make the same mistakes when it comes to car safety seats.

Recent studies carried out at hospitals used data provided by car safety seat experts who would ask parents of newborns to install car safety seats and secure their children to the devices. According to the effort, about 93 percent of all parents who were(Read More)

Tragic Accident Reminds Us of the Importance of Car Safety Seats

Post On 10-29-2014

Intoxicated driving continues to be a problem across the United States.

Recently, news sources have covered the tragic story of a little girl whose life was lost in an auto accident. The driver behind the wheel of the vehicle that crashed into the car carrying the young child had been drinking prior to the crash.

According to the news(Read More)