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Local Cyclists Rally Against Distracted Driving

Post On 02-23-2015

Unfortunately for bicyclists in Calabasas, California, deadly accidents prompted cyclists to act and fight against distracted driving.

During a rally in Calabasas, several cyclists were able to talk to members of the press about their personal stories with distracted driving accidents. While many of the stories involved cyclists who were simply scared for their lives, most of the(Read More)

Are Officers Reporting Distracted Driving Crashes?

Post On 02-19-2015

Distractions often expose drivers to serious risks. But are the number of accidents actually caused by distracted driving under reported?

Some experts believe so.

According to recent reports, an investigation into how officers report on distracted driving crashes in Hawaii may give us an idea of how these accidents are being registered. The report shows that, in spite of(Read More)

Legislator Involved in Distracted Driving Crash

Post On 02-04-2015

Risks associated with distracted driving continue to expose drivers all across the country to accidents that could have otherwise been prevented. This type of crash will not be avoided until all drivers are aware of the serious consequences of driving while distracted.

According to a series of news sources, a state lawmaker from Ohio is one of the(Read More)

Drivers Urged to Participate in Distracted Driving Educational Events

Post On 02-03-2015

The practice of distracted driving has been harming drivers all over the country.

Using an electronic device or allowing other distractions to take over are all activities that have been causing more auto accidents than drinking and driving. According to the reports, however, awareness combined with distracted driving laws may have changed how smart phone users approach the(Read More)

Why Are Police Officers Also Guilty Of Distracted Driving?

Post On 01-23-2015

A recent report released by NBC News has shed light on some important matter concerning distracted driving.

While the activity affects most of us who happen to both own smartphones and drive quite often, distracted driving also affects those who are supposed to enforce traffic laws.

When it comes to car accidents involving drivers who were driving while distracted,(Read More)

Teens Listen To Distracted Driving Victims

Post On 01-21-2015

Auto accidents continue to be the leading cause of death among teens and young adults in the United States. The statistics show that while the number of intoxicated driving accidents is going down, the number of distracted driving accidents is going up. Teens end up being distracted more often than older drivers, which is one of the(Read More)

Teens To Learn About Distracted Driving Risks With The CHP

Post On 01-20-2015

Multiple news sources have been covering reports concerning an endeavor put forth by the California Highway Patrol that would help teens to learn more about car safety.

Distracted driving has been hailed as an issue that impacts teens and inexperienced drivers more often than any other age groups. This has been concerning a series of law enforcement groups(Read More)

Motorist Eating Burger Ticketed For Distracted Driving

Post On 01-19-2015

Distracted driving continues to be a hot topic anywhere in the United States, but for some residents, distracted driving has been recently associated with an act that may seem pretty harmless to most of us. In Georgia, a driver has been recently slapped with a distracted driving ticket for eating while behind the wheel.

While the state’s driving(Read More)

Here’s How Pedestrians Can Avoid Personal Injury Accidents

Post On 01-19-2015

Distracted driving continues to be one of the most common factors behind the several accidents we hear about constantly, but what about distracted walking?

Distractions have been causing more pedestrian accidents than ever before, putting people in harm’s way by exposing them to personal injury hazards. If distractions are not addressed, people will continue to either crash while(Read More)

Teen Involved In Distracted Driving Accident Pleads Guilty

Post On 01-16-2015

We have been discussing distracted driving very often recently. Most of the discussion is focused on sharing ideas with our readers about the risks associated with the activity and the companies trying to come up with technologies that fight it. We have also been covering reports concerning different kinds of distractions associated with hands-free technology used by(Read More)