Child Passenger Safety Campaign Kicks Off

Post On 03-06-2014

According to a series of news reports, parents are still unaware of how to properly install and maintain the car safety seat they purchase to keep their child safe and ensure they are not injured in crashes.

Reports show that experts have been urging parents to follow certain safety steps in order to ensure that their children are absolutely safe. Safe Kids has been using local offices to start campaigns that focus on teaching parents and children how important it is to buckle up while in a vehicle. The campaign also focuses on teaching parents how to install the devices correctly so injuries can be avoided in the event of a collision. The campaign has been entitled Child Passenger Safety Diversion Program.

Local authorities along with Safe Kids will be holding educational events and stressing the importance of following local laws regarding car safety seat usage.

Certified child passenger safety technicians will be available to teach parents and caregivers how to pick the perfect car seat, install it and make sure that it is used correctly so its effectiveness will be boosted. According to experts, seven out of every 10 car safety seats are not installed correctly, which leads to an increase in the likelihood of injuries in the event of collisions. Children who are seated in correctly installed seats are 70 percent more likely to not be injured in a collision than a child who’s seated in a car seat that is not fitted correctly.

Safety experts will also stress the importance of making sure that all passengers are buckled up, not only small children.

While these events often take place everywhere in the country, parents are urged to look up their local Safe Kids organization or their local Highway Patrol office in order to learn more about educational events held for drivers who are also parents who are willing to learn more about car safety seat installation. Caregivers are also urged to participate in these events in order to learn from trained technicians what they must do to ensure children are safe while riding along.

If you cannot participate in scheduled events, look for the assistance of Certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians to learn how you should proceed to ensure your child’s safety. Ignoring the importance of using these devices correctly could cost your child’s life.

If you would like to learn more about these events, you may follow this link to read the full article.