CHP Offers Free Seat Check During National Child Passenger Safety Week

Post On 09-19-2014

The month of September is when the National Child Passenger Safety Week takes place.

According to safety experts, parents continue to install their children’s car safety seats incorrectly, increasing thus the risk of personal injury when accidents happen as a result.

The car safety seat is the parents’ best bet in making sure their child is protected from a possible injury in the event of a collision. The device has been designed to ensure the child is secure in the event of an accident, but the feature can only be capable of protecting the child if used correctly.

During the National Child Passenger Safety Week, groups across the country will be working to teach parents and caregivers about the importance of ensuring car safety seats are installed and well-maintained. Most car safety seats that are currently in use are not installed correctly or used correctly, according to the reports. Experts in California say that the law requires kids who are seated in car safety seats or booster seats to remain in those devices when riding along until they hit the height of 4 feet 9 inches and age 8.

Safety experts claim the seats are nearly never installed correctly. They also claim the child is seldom secured to the seat correctly, simply because parents fail to ensure the straps are tight enough. Getting your kids strapped to their seats should never be a rushed job. According to experts, parents must take their time to make sure their child is safely secured. They must also use five-point harness style seats until the child reaches the weight limit for that particular model.

The California Highway Patrol has announced that it will be installing and checking parents’ car safety seats for free during the National Child Passenger Week in order to ensure drivers who are also parents or caregivers are keeping their child safe.

You may want to follow this link to obtain more details on the free events that will be taking place in California during the special week, especially if you are a parent.