CHP Officer Warns Drivers About Dangers of Distracted Driving

Post On 01-22-2014

According to multiple local news reports, a California Highway Patrol commander has been urging drivers in the state to simply put their phones down and focus on the road ahead at all times.

He was asked about the CHP’s efforts to curb distraction. According to the commander, law enforcement agencies have been working on decreasing fatalities linked to crash tests caused by distracted drivers. Distracted driving laws have been effective in the state of California for the past four years and according to the officer, the distracted driving problem continues to increase.

He claims to see distracted drivers often on the road and claims that it’s important for drivers to remember that they are behind the wheel of a weapon when driving. They must take responsibility for their actions and focus on the road in order to avoid major accidents that could claim their lives and the lives of others.

According to the officer, drunken driving is still a major problem for Californians, but distracted driving deaths are now surpassing DUI fatalities. For more on this story, follow this link for the full article.