CPSC Announces Riding Mower Recall After Incidents

Post On 10-20-2014

The U.S. Consumers Product Safety Commission often covers recalls of products that, unfortunately, have already exposed consumers to risks before the campaigns were launched.

While many of such incidents end up putting the lives of several consumers at risk, other incidents do not result in personal injury. The lack of reports concerning injury incidents however, should not serve as an excuse to delay in responding to the recall.

The units impacted by this particular recall involve all units of the Brigg & Stratton Snapper Rear Engine Riding Mowers that were sold at Family Farm stores, Power Equipment Direct and Briggs & Stratton Snapper dealers across the country. The sales were performed between April 2013 and May of 2014. According to the firm, the affected units come with welds on the drive axles that may affect the item’s braking control, exposing thus the user to a possible incident risk. If there’s an incident, a personal injury hazard is also in place.

The at least 8,500 units affected in the United States could expose users to a possible personal injury risk, which has caused the company to issue the recall right away. Consumers concerned they may have been affected by the recall should check their mower’s model numbers. Affected units include the numbers 7800918, 7800920, 7800932, 7800950, 7800951, and 7800954.

For a full list of serial numbers affected as well, you may follow this link to read the official recall announcement issued by the CPSC. According to the official announcement, at least two of these devices exposed users to possible personal injury risks. The failed weld issue ended up causing braking failure in two of these mowers. While the incidents were reported by consumers, no injuries were registered.

Consumers with the recalled mowers should be able to schedule a visit to a local dealer to have the mower inspected and repaired promptly. Do not ignore this recall for the potential trouble could lead to an incident that may expose you or a loved one to personal injury threats.