Cyclists And Pedestrians Should Follow These Tips For Safety

Post On 01-23-2014

According to a series of news reports, cyclists and pedestrians continue to be the most vulnerable subjects in the streets and roads everywhere in the country.

The reports show that whether you’re riding a bicycle or simply walking down a street, your chances of being involved in an accident are still very high. There are ways that cyclists and pedestrians can avoid accidents that do not involve depending solely on the driver’s full attention. While all motorists should be always focused on the road to avoid being involved in collisions that could pose major risks to cyclists and pedestrians, who are more likely to be severely injured as a result, everyone should do their best to avoid accidents.

According to some safety experts, if bicycle riders are riding along their entire family, they must make sure that before they hit the road, all members are wearing their helmets properly. According to official government data, 14 percent of all traffic deaths involved pedestrians in 2012.

Pedestrians are urged to make sure they always walk on the sidewalks, or at least as often as possible. When there’s not sidewalk available, make sure to walk facing traffic, so they can see you coming and you can avoid an accident by being fully aware of what is going on with the vehicles coming at you. Safety experts also urge pedestrians to cross at crosswalks. Drivers are used to slowing down near crosswalks and looking before proceeding. Making sure you cross at crosswalks increases your chances of making so safely. If you’re walking during nighttime, make sure to cross in a well-lit area, or crosswalk. Making eye contact with the driver is always a good way of identifying whether the driver is aware of your presence and whether he or she is stopping for you or not.

If you will be doing a lot of walking at night, wear reflective clothes. Avoid allowing your phone to pose any distraction risk while you’re crossing the street or walking facing traffic. Have your attention focused on what is going on around you to prevent accidents.

Cyclists must always ride on the road and obey traffic regulations in order to avoid collisions. If you’re riding at nighttime or in low-light periods, make sure to use both of your front and rear bicycle lights at all times. Learn the signs you need to know to signal your intentions while riding along traffic and wear bright, reflective pieces so that drivers can see you.

Riders who maintain a consistent line of travel help drivers to avoid collision since riders do not weave in and out of lanes randomly. For more tips on how to avoid accidents as a pedestrian or a cyclist, follow this link.