Discovery of Undeclared Ingredient in Dietary Supplement Leads to Recall

Post On 12-02-2013

IQ Formulations indicated that a voluntary recall is being issued for all lots of the 45-capsule bottles of HYDRAVAX after a test indicated the presence of an undeclared drug that could pose a health risk to consumers.

The reports published by the Food and Drug Administration indicate that the items listed under this recall could pose a health risk to consumers as a result of the intake of diuretics, which are prescription drugs that could cause problems as a result of water loss.

The FDA announced in a release recently that the HYDRAVAX dietary supplements being recalled could pose side effect risks to consumers due to an electrolyte imbalance. The diuretic was found as being one of the ingredients in the dietary supplements but haven’t been listed on the product’s label. As a result of this problem, the company decided to issue the recall promptly.

No illnesses or adverse reactions have been linked to this specific recall, however, the company decided to issue this recall promptly to avoid incidents. The full recall announcement can be found here.