Experts Offer Tips On Avoiding Personal Injury Accidents Near Schools

Post On 01-15-2015

Driving and walking safety should be taken seriously by students and their parents.

With children, teens, and young adults getting back to their school activities comes the risks. Drivers and pedestrians alike should make sure that certain steps are followed so that personal injury accidents are avoided. According to some of the experts, the first thing to do when it comes to ensuring your safety and the safety of others near schools is to put your phone down.

Distracted driving continues to claim lives and impact drivers who are simply not aware of the potential risks they are exposed to. Driers who end up being distracted while driving near schools or universities end up exposing countless students to major personal injury accident risks.

When it comes to walking and using your phone, remember that distracted walking is also a problem that has been pushing the number of accidents up. Unfortunately for many of us, pedestrians will use their phones to talk, text, or email friends and family while walking. The focus on the phone keeps the pedestrian unaware of his or her surroundings. Experts in safety urge people to stop using their phones when they drive or walk so they can be aware of their surroundings and ready to react so that personal injury accidents can be avoided.

Experts are also urging parents to make sure they teach their small children to follow certain steps like always using crosswalks and learning the rules of traffic so they too can live accident-free.

When driving near schools, make sure to watch out for pedestrians at intersections or crosswalks, check for speed signs, and school buses traveling near the region. If you are afraid you’re not attentive enough, attempt to travel different roads to avoid potential incidents.

Experts also urge students who are also drivers to make sure they follow other safety steps to avoid other risks. Since theft continues to be an issue in several major cities, students are urged to avoid parking in deserted, dark areas. Make sure to avoid staying inside of your vehicle for too long after you park, and avoid leaving your car unlocked even if you’ll be gone for just a few moments.

Safety and personal injury accident risks should always be avoided. If you’re able to minimize the risks by staying alert and focused on safety, do so. This attitude will help to boost road safety.

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