Fatal Pedestrian Vs. Distracted Driver Accidents on the Rise, Study Suggests

Post On 11-22-2013

According to multiple news reports, a new research carried out by the University of Nebraska Medical Center has indicated that distracted driving has turned into a real public health threat.

The reports indicate that while the number of fatal auto accidents has declined in the past years, the number of cyclists and pedestrians involved in fatal accidents has increased. Too often, these accidents are caused by drivers who are too busy using their phones to text, call or send emails when the accidents occur. Other distractions have also been reported as partially responsible for the increase in the number of cyclist and pedestrian deaths.

The study indicates that between 2005 and 2010, the number of pedestrians involved in accidents that ended up being killed as a result went from 344 to 500. The number of cyclists killed in accidents involving vehicles went from 56 to 73.

Distraction should be tackled and dealt with promptly in order to avoid an increase in the number of fatal accidents.

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