IIHS Releases List of Top Rating Child Booster Seats

Post On 11-06-2014

Too often, parents end up choosing the wrong type of car safety seat or booster seat for their child.

Since auto accidents continue to be the number one cause of death among children across the country, the proper use of car safety seats that are actually perfect for your child’s height, weight, and age could help to prevent deadly accidents. Many experts have been urging parents to learn more about installing and using car safety seats correctly, especially after certain studies showing parents continue to make the same mistakes when installing the seats have been published.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has recently released its annual booster seat ratings, which could help some parents who are looking for the perfect booster seat to make a well-informed decision. The list of top-rated booster seats also provides the public with a look at the list of worst models, which could help them to avoid the models that may expose their little ones to serious risks.

The IIHS reviews the devices by testing the devices to verify how well the three-point shoulder and lap seat belts fit the test dummies, which are designed to mimic a child’s body.

The experts have also looked into the devices’ shoulder belts, which should always lie across the very middle of the child’s shoulder. Too often, parents place the belt against the child’s neck or on their arm, which will not secure the child in the booster seat in the event of an accident. According to the IIHS, at least 27 models out of the 47 tested were considered good enough to receive “Best Bets” ratings.

Other ratings included the “Good Bets,” which are the acceptable models, and “Not Recommended” rating, which was attached to models that are not considered as safe as others. At least three models out of the 47 were considered bad enough to go to the ‘Not Recommended’ list.

While finding the best seats is essential to the child’s safety, making sure that you’re up to date to recall announcements could also help to ensure your child’s safety. The models included under the IIHS’s “Best Bet” list include the 2014 backless model of the Baby Trend Hybrid 3-in-1 booster seat, the no back Baby Trend Hybrid model, the highback model of the Britax Frontier 90, the highback Britax Pinnacle 90 model, the backless BubbleBum Neon, the highback Cybex Solution X-Fix, and the backless Diono Solana, among others.

The models that made the “Not Recommended” list are the 2014 highback Diono Olympia, the higghback Diono Pacifica, and the backless Kids Embrace Batman No Back Booster.

Fore a more complete list, you may follow this link.