Jaguar Land Rover Launches Three Recall Campaigns

Post On 02-09-2015

Three recall campaigns have been launched recently by Jaguar Land Rover.

At least two of the recall campaigns are directly associated with brake issues that could boost the risk of crashes. This kind of issue could suddenly cause the driver to experience difficulties in slowing down the vehicle or avoiding a collision.

The three campaigns affect 104,000 vehicles overall.

According to the automaker, at least one of the campaigns was launched after an investigation into incidents involving defective or faulty brake lines. But one recall launched recently is associated mostly with parking lights.

Thousands of Cars Impacted By Recall Campaign May Pose Personal Injury Risk

The first and largest of the three recall campaigns involve more than 75,000 units of the 2006 through 2012 Range Rovers. These vehicles have been under investigation for about 5 years. According to the official announcements, the automaker initiated an investigation into the cars’ brake hoses. According to the reports released by the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the first investigation launched into the brake issues was carried out by Jaguar Land Rover in 2010. Then, the manufacturer learned that a bulge had been found on the front brake hoses these vehicles were equipped with.

Since the problem may cause the brake system to require a longer distance before the car comes to a stop, drivers could end up experiencing issues when attempting to stop the car. That could potentially increase the risk of serious crashes. While the company did identify issues after a small number of reports concerning brake fluid leads coming from the brake flex hoses, a recall wasn’t immediately launched. Instead, a Critical Concerns Review investigation was launched. The investigation led to an extensive engineering test to identify just what was happening to the brakes in these vehicles.

The full investigation led to an analysis that did not present any major issues with the hose. Since experts didn’t see the bulge issue causing the hose to deteriorate, the inquiry was closed and a recall campaign was never issued. Not too long after that, the company learned of an accident involving one of the vehicles that presented brake issues. In the accident, the brake hose had been ruptured prior to the collision. This problem then prompted the company to investigate. The second investigation caused the company to determine that the problem presented enough of a risk and the recall campaign was launched.

A second brake-related recall was also issued by the company. It impacts 24,679 units of the 2013 and 2014 Range Rover Sport and Range Rover SUVs. The cars, reports show, come with brake vacuum hoses that may have been impacted by improper routing. The result of the improper routing is a wear that could then lead to a hole. This problem could then lead to a loss of braking power, therefore increasing the risk of accidents.

To prevent crashes, the company is recalling all impacted vehicles so that the necessary modifications are carried out.

A third recall campaign launched by the company impacts all units of the 2012 through 2015 Jaguar XK vehicles. The major issue linked to this recall involves side parking lights that could turn off while in use.

More details regarding these three recalls can be found here. Do not wait until you’re injured to respond.