Local Cyclists Rally Against Distracted Driving

Post On 02-23-2015

Unfortunately for bicyclists in Calabasas, California, deadly accidents prompted cyclists to act and fight against distracted driving.

During a rally in Calabasas, several cyclists were able to talk to members of the press about their personal stories with distracted driving accidents. While many of the stories involved cyclists who were simply scared for their lives, most of the bike riders in attendance shared personal stories related to friends or family members who were killed in accidents caused by drivers who were distracted while behind the wheel.

During the event, reporters were able to ask cyclists just what they think it’s the worst problem for bicycle riders in California today. According to the reports, most claimed distraction is what scares riders the most.

What Do Cyclists Want Drivers to Do to Avoid Distracted Driving?

Bicycle and car safety advocates want safety for everybody sharing the road. Distractions are usually the number one factor in accidents involving drivers and bicyclists. If cyclists are not being extra careful, they are more likely of getting involved in an accident mostly because drivers are not doing their part. But what should drivers do?

Lawmakers have been working on developing tougher laws regarding the shared use of the roads in California. In spite of their dedication, the number of distracted driving accidents are on the rise. In spite of the effort of lawmakers, change will only come when drivers are aware of the serious consequences tied to distracted driving.

To address the issue, automakers have been developing their own solutions to the problem, but for cyclists, life just cannot wait. Changes must be embraced now.

Cyclists have urged the public during their rally to never ignore how deadly distracted driving accidents can turn out to be. If you’re unable to make sure that you are not exposing anybody to risks by paying attention to the road and your environment, you are more likely to impact the most vulnerable riders.

Since inattentiveness is something that can happen to drivers who aren’t even engaged in the action of using a cell phone, the fight to eradicate distracted driving should not focus only on smartphone use. According to some cyclists, the very lack of attention that some motorists display can put their lives at risk. To prevent deadly accidents, being focused should be their default approach to driving.

For more on the rally and cyclists’ call for no more texting and driving, follow this link to read more and watch the video.