Multi-Purpose Yard Vehicles Recalled, Over 80 Incidents Reported

Post On 12-05-2013

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, a series of multi-purpose yard vehicles are being recalled over a possible fire hazard.

The reports indicate that 11,000 units of these vehicles have been linked to this recall. The company responsible for the distribution of these multi-purpose vehicles, Denver Global Products, has announced that the mower blades in these devices could come detached unexpectedly while in use. The mower may also start without being activated, which could cause the vehicle to move forward unexpectedly. Both issues could pose a laceration hazard to users. According to he CPSC, the fuel lines in these vehicles could also leak, which could then increase the risk of a fire.

The affected multi-purpose vehicle model has been linked to 82 reports of blades coming detached. One of the cases resulted in lacerations and bruising to a bystander’s leg. Three other reports associated with the mower starting unexpectedly without being actually activated by the operator were also registered. Other 34 reports of fuel leaks were also registered, but injuries weren’t reported.

The affected products can be identified by the model number MPV710-001. Affected consumers should stop using the devices and return the item to the Lowe’s store of purchase. The CPSC has urged users to turn off the vehicle, remove the key, remove the green and yellow fuses and apply the parking brakes in order to ensure that the vehicle will not experience any issues. Act promptly.

The recall announcement can be found here.