New Car Safety Seat Technology Could Boost Child Safety

Post On 12-17-2014

News sources have been busy reporting on the latest developments concerning Graco car safety seats and the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s investigation into the company’s delay to issue a comprehensive recall campaign promptly after the first complaints were registered.

While the reports coming from the NHTSA are not exactly encouraging, news sources have also been covering the development of new car safety seats that could modernize the industry and prevent deaths among children when summertime is here. The new safety seat is known as Smart Child Car Seat, and it comes with GPS systems and other sensors, which help parents and caregivers to make sure children are not left alone in a parked car.

According to experts, these seats could help parents to also find their children in threatening emergency events due to the help of the device’s GPS system.

The manufacturer behind this product claims the sensors are able to read the temperature inside of the vehicle without losing track of how hot it is outside. If the vehicle stops running and the child has remained in the seat for a certain period of time, an alarm will go off, warning people who might be walking nearby that there’s a child stuck inside the vehicle. The system will also warn parents by sending messages to their phones in case the child is left in the seat for too long.

Another feature the seat offers is the GPS capability. If the child is in the seat and the car is stolen or another catastrophe happens, the GPS technology will help parents to find the child’s location. Experts believe that this kind of technology could soon revolutionize how car safety seats are made, prompting better safety features so that children can be protected in a series of potentially dangerous events.

In California, very warm summers make leaving children inside cars even more threatening. If this kind of technology is developed widely and popularized across the country, thousands of children would benefit. Hopefully for children and parents across the country, more companies are working on similar features so that car safety seats are safer than ever.

If you’re curious to know more about this technology and how it could boost your child’s safety, make sure to follow this link to read the full article. If you’re a parent or a caregiver, car safety and child safety should be your priority. Make sure to learn more about how to use the car safety seat you’re purchasing before finalizing the process.