New Tech Could Boost Car Safety For Cyclists, Pedestrians

Post On 02-20-2015

Technology has brought us many innovations, but when it comes to car safety technology, innovations are seldom looked at from the point of view of those sharing the road with passenger cars.

According to a series of experts, automakers like Land Rover are working on developing technology that doesn’t improve driver’s safety alone. It would also make sure that pedestrians and cyclists are covered.

If this kind of safety technology is embraced by all automakers, the number of deadly accidents involving some of the most vulnerable amongst us could drop considerably. But is it feasible?

Car safety technology has been improving in the past decades. With the development of car safety seat belts and air bags, drivers became less likely to be involved in personal injury accidents. With the development of technology that focuses avoiding injuries and even accidents, everybody benefits.

Officials, Automakers Push For More Pedestrian Safety

While many lawmakers and city officials across the country push for more laws that protect pedestrians and cyclists, automakers continue to develop features that will prevent accidents by taking the driver out of the equation. Technology could be one of the fastest and efficient ways of dealing with the problem, some experts say.

In California, the rate of pedestrian-related deadly crashes continues to concern officials. Some have been urging state lawmakers to address the issue while others are asking city officials to tackle the car safety issue.

But the project that has been introduced by Land Rover could offer another approach to the issue. The feature could alert drivers whenever a cyclist comes close to the vehicle. The technology would also add features to the door handles that would ring or buzz if cyclists are approaching, making accidents involving drivers or passengers opening doors when cyclists are going by less likely.

Other technologies that would warn and even stop the vehicle if the car’s sensors notice the presence of an obstacle or even a pedestrian have already been developed. The combination of technologies that protect cyclists and pedestrians could make vehicles nearly personal injury accident proof.

Whether real world solutions to the car safety issue are developed by car makers or by lawmakers, drivers should be urged to focus their attention to the road at all times. Making sure they are aware of their surroundings could help to keep the rate of deadly pedestrian or cyclist accidents down while promoting road safety.

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