New York Authorities to Crack Down on Distracted Drivers

Post On 07-10-2013

News reports have indicated that new measures in New York are allowing law enforcement agencies to crack down on motorists that are texting and driving. Since the new bill was signed into law, distracted driving laws have become tougher in the state.

More police officers are being put in the streets in order to crack down on distracted motorists. Most of the officers cracking down on the distracted drivers drive or ride unmarked vehicles in order to ensure that drivers are unaware of their presence. This measure could help law enforcement agencies to catch many distracted drivers.

Authorities have reported that distracted drivers are at least 23 times more likely to become injured in an accident if they are testing and driving.  Motorists are urged to keep in mind that penalties are now much more strict for drivers who use their phones while behind the wheel in New York.

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