NHTSA Investigates Why Graco Postponed Car Seat Recall

Post On 12-02-2014

Graco car safety seats are now under investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration after the company was accused of delaying in recalling millions of potentially defective and hazardous car safety seats.

According to the several news sources covering this story, a timeliness query has been opened by the agency due to the handling of an issue that was considered a safety defect by the NHTSA. According to the reports, the car seats involved in this probe may have come with buckles that are not easy to unbuckle. If parents are unable to remove their children from the seats in the event of an emergency, the child might be exposed to serious personal injury risks as a result.

Reports of parents calling 911 to have their children’s seat unlatched have prompted the federal agency to urge Graco to recall all affected car seats. In spite of the agency’s recommendations, the company reportedly clashed with the agency, claiming the recall of all units was not necessary.

Once the agency pushed the company to act, a recall that impacted 3.8 million seats was issued. Later, Graco added 400,000 units to the recall campaign. In spite of the campaigns, the company resisted and no further recalls were issued. According to the NHTSA, the probe was necessary, especially after the agency received over 6,100 complaints related to the car seats.

According to federal requirements, companies must report any potential defects to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration right away so that the problem can be addressed and a recall campaign is launched. Since Graco failed to comply with federal requirements, the federal agency decided to launch the probe.

Hopefully, potentially defective car seats are replaced or fixed so that children are not exposed to any potential personal injury risk as a result of the defective latches failing to come detached.

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