NHTSA To Open Probe Into Honda Potential Safety Act Lapses

Post On 11-04-2014

According to a series of news reports, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has been working on investigating the potential risks associated with certain vehicles manufactured by the Japanese automaker Honda.

The reports indicate that the manufacturer may have failed to report certain accidents that may have been linked to defective air bags manufactured by Takata Corp., which has been involved in several recalls affecting millions of vehicles nationwide.

The federal agency has claimed that since the automaker has not complied with federal requirements regarding reports of accidents, especially deadly ones, linked to issues to the federal agency, the investigation has been deemed necessary. If wrongdoing is reportedly found, the agency could fine the manufacturer as much as $35 million.

According to official federal requirements, manufactured are required to file “early warning reports” of any accidents that may have led to deaths or personal injury. They are also required to report any potential safety defect to the federal agency, which are usually problems that could lead to potential personal injury accidents.

These safeguards are put in place to make sure that consumers are safe.

The Italian sports automaker Ferrari has been fined by the NHTSA over a failure to file early warnings concerning certain accidents in a period of three years. The data provided by the automakers is used to help the NHTSA to assess the risks of certain potentially defective vehicles, which could also help the federal agency to ensure that recalls are issued so that accidents can be avoided.

Since the NHTSA has learned that Honda may have failed to report accidents linked to Takata air bags that may have led to deaths or personal injury, the claims were asserted against the Japanese company. According to the official reports, the failure may go beyond incidents linked to the air bags.

The first reports surfaced with the help of the Center for Auto Safety, which reported in a letter to the NHTSA that Honda had been underreporting claims linked to death and personal injury related to some of its vehicles. The consumer watchdog used reports from the media that indicated Honda had recently settled a lawsuit involving an accident that had killed the driver. According to the reports, the driver-side air bag was the allegedly culprit in the deadly crash. In spite of the media reports, the company reportedly never filed a death report with the NHTSA.

Hopefully, the NHTSA is able to investigate this issue and get to the bottom of the problem before more people are injured. Click here to read more.