In Some Areas, Number of Distracted Driving Citations Soars

Post On 11-12-2014

Distracted driving continues to be a problem to drivers across the country. Unfortunately for some areas of the country, distracted driving has been occurring more often than ever, exposing perfectly innocent drivers, pedestrians, passengers, cyclists, and motorcyclists to serious personal injury risks.

According to the United States Department of Transportation, 1.6 million crashes each year can be traced back to cell phone use. About 500,000 people are injured in these accidents, while 6,000 are killed. The deadly track record creates concerns for regulators and safety advocates who believe it’s important for drivers to avoid the use of cell phones while operating a car.

In states like Tennessee, the authorities have been reporting a major increase in the number of distracted driving citations handed out by law enforcement agencies. Local authorities have claimed that the number of tickets they have been handing out over distractions has increased by over 200%. This hike in citations may be associated with local campaigns carried out by the law enforcement agencies looking into making sure that the car accidents associated with distracted driving are curbed.

Many critics are venturing to say that states should have no tolerance to the mistakes of drivers who insist on using their phones while behind the wheel. Whether you agree with these critics or not, nobody can deny the importance of ensuring road safety by educating drivers about the serious consequences associated with driving while distracted.

Most states have already passed distracted driving laws that target the activity in order to address the increasing rate of car crashes associated with the behavior. Impaired and distracted driving should be the focus of law enforcement agencies looking into boosting car safety. If the practice of using a phone to text or email behind the wheel is not contained, drivers will continue to experience deadly accidents that could have otherwise been prevented.

Another issue that has been concerning law enforcement agents and lawmakers is impaired driving. According to officers, people are often impaired not only by alcoholic beverages, but also by the intake of cough medicine. People must make sure they read the medicine’s label before driving after consuming the item.

If you are concerned about distracted driving and the risks associated with the behavior, you may read more about the recent reports concerning the increase in the number of citations here.

If you’re a parent and you’re concerned about your teen driver using his or her phone while behind the wheel, talk to him or her about the risks associated with the activity and make sure to enroll your teen in a driver’s ed class.