Parents Still Not Getting Car Safety Seats Right

Post On 11-05-2014

Parents continue to make the same mistakes when it comes to car safety seats.

Recent studies carried out at hospitals used data provided by car safety seat experts who would ask parents of newborns to install car safety seats and secure their children to the devices. According to the effort, about 93 percent of all parents who were asked to do this ended up making at least one critical error.

The study was discussed by the American Academy of Pediatrics in San Diego. According to experts, these series of mistakes put the lives of children in serious danger. Doctors who have seen children going back to their hospitals after being involved in accidents have noted that the same injuries keep on happening precisely because parents continue to install and use their car safety seats incorrectly.

Some of the most common errors are precisely the type of mistakes that would expose children to serious personal injury risks in the event of collisions such as adjusting the harnesses too loosely. According to the study, at least 68 percent of parents who participated made that mistake. Some other mistakes that were made quite often included placing the retainer clip too low and using the incorrect harness slots.

Experts have indicated that 70 percent of the cases involved parents who made mistakes while installing the device and positioning the child in the seat.

In order to avoid the potentially deadly consequences of installing a car safety seat incorrectly or placing the child in the seat incorrectly, experts have come up with a list of tips that should be followed by parents of newborns so they are making sure their children are protected from potential personal injury risks.

First and foremost, parents should make sure that the car safety seats they have purchased are the right model for their child’s age. Secondly, parents should make sure the harness is tightened to the point that you are unable to pinch any slack between your fingers while checking the harness webbing. Parents should also make sure that the chest clip is at the level of the child’s armpit so the child is secured in the seat.

All harnesses in the rear-facing car safety seats should be at or below the child’s shoulders, they should also come through the slot for the proper placement. When installing the seats, parents are urged to have the seat installed tight, so that there’s no more than one inch of play back-to-front or side-to-side.

For more tips on how to ensure your child is safe while in his or her car safety seat, make sure to follow this link to read the full article and the full list of safety tips offered by experts.