Pedestrians Could Use These Safety Tips

Post On 11-20-2013

Pedestrians should take certain steps to also avoid accidents.

It’s not enough that drivers, cyclists and motorcyclists are being urged to avoid being distracted and focus on following road regulations in order to avoid accidents, pedestrians should too focus on the road ahead, follow certain road regulations and safety tips in order to avoid accidents.

A series of experts decided to come up with a list of tips that pedestrians should follow in order to avoid accidents and ensure that they are doing their best to avoid accidents.

Pedestrians are first and foremost encouraged to cross at the crosswalk every time there’s one available. Crossing in the middle of the street could increase the risk of accidents precisely because drivers may not see the pedestrian. Because motorists are used to slowing down when they see the lines of a crosswalk ahead, make sure to use it and avoid accidents by also looking left and right and making sure to only cross the road once you know it’s clear for you to do so.

Making eye contact with the motorist could help pedestrians to avoid accidents. Too often, drivers fail to see the pedestrian. If you are able to look at the driver and learn that he or she has acknowledge your presence, chances are that the motorist will stop quickly enough to avoid colliding with you.

Attempt to always respect the pedestrian signal at the intersection and never simply assume that the path is clear once the light is green for the pedestrian. Drivers may become distracted and overlook lights, making the simple action of crossing the street extremely dangerous.

Make sure to always look left and right before crossing even if the light is green for the pedestrian.

If you’re intending to do a lot of walking at night time, carry a flashlight and wear reflective clothes in order to be better seen when you cross the street. White clothes are often hard to see in the dark so just wearing white won’t do anything to keep you safer. It’s important that pedestrians, cyclists and drivers know they are responsible for their safety and the safety of others.

For the full list of safety tips and other steps you can take to avoid accidents, follow this link for the full article.

If you are a driver, beware of those who are the most vulnerable when sharing the road: cyclists and pedestrians. Focus on the road ahead and avoid accidents.