Personal Injury Named In Chandelier Recall, Incidents Reported

Post On 02-05-2015

Product liability cases often involve consumer products that expose others to serious incidents. Unfortunately for some of the victims, certain accidents end up causing personal injury and property damage. To prevent this type of outcome, consumers should never ignore the risks associated with defective or potentially hazardous products. If you learn about a recall campaign linked to a product you use regularly, postponing to respond to the campaign could boost the risks and expose you to personal injury threats.

The latest report involving a consumer product recall issued by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is associated with a series of light chandeliers sold nationwide.

According to the official announcement, the screw collar that maintains the chandeliers attached to the ceiling mount may be causing the items to simply fall. Since the screw collars may fail to maintain the chandeliers attacked, bystanders may end up being exposed to serious risks as a result.

Thousands of these items were sold in the United States and Canada, reported the CPSC. The items impacted by the potential for personal injury hazard include the Sea Gull Lighting chandeliers that were sold as seven different collections. They are: Laurel Leaf, Brandywine, New Verona, Parkview, Newport, Roslyn, and Somerton. All units of the recalled chandeliers are made of metal and their finishes main contain tiers of glass shades. A detailed list of recalled units and their product numbers can be found on the official recall announcement issued by the CPSC.

Recall Issued After Property Damage Incident, But Could These Products Pose Personal Injury Risks?

According to Sea Gull Lighting, at least four incidents have been reported so far. In all cases, the chandeliers fell from the ceiling. The accidents caused consumers to experience some headaches that could have been prevented if the company had identified the problem beforehand.

The firm states that, as a result of the accidents, at least $1,600 in property damage has been reported.

While no incidents resulted in personal injury, consumers should not be fooled into thinking that the recall campaign should be ignored. Since the entire piece may fall from the ceiling as someone is walking or standing under the chandelier, consumers should heed the manufacturer’s instructions right away.

The CPSC has claimed that keep people from standing or walking under the chandelier until Sea Gull Lighting sends them replacement parts. The company has urged impacted consumers to contact them immediately. Consumers with the products will receive free replacement for chandeliers that have fallen. They may also receive replacement hardware for free so the chandelier can be repaired. Any installation cost will be fully reimbursed by the manufacturer.

All recalled products impacted by this personal injury recall were sold at Lowe’s, Ferguson, State Electric Supply, Aztec Electric Supply, Wesco, and online at Amazon.com and HomeDepot.com. Other retailers online may have also sold the recalled items. They were made available between November 2006 and August 2013.