Personal Injury Prompts NHTSA To Push For Nationwide Takata Recall

Post On 11-19-2014

Remember the Takata air bag regional recalls issued over potentially deadly personal injury risks?

The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has been urging car manufacturers to leave the regional recall campaigns behind and focus on nationwide recall campaigns so that the issue associated with hazardous air bag systems that cause metal inflators to explode upon deployment can be addressed immediately so that drivers are not directly affected.

The federal government has been pressing the auto safety regulatory agency to make sure that companies are not allowed to simply issue local recalls. The request comes after reports regarding an accident involving the allegedly defective air bag in California ended up resulting in death.

The inflators in the defective air bag systems may explode when the air bag deploys, increasing the risk of deadly personal injury since the metal parts may impact occupants. This issue has already killed five people outside of the United States. Now, Takata is reportedly working with the NHTSA to make sure that this issue is addressed promptly.

The previous recalls had only affected vehicles fitted with the air bags that had been sold or registered in humid areas of the country. Now, the deadly accident that happened in California, and another that happened in North Carolina that unfortunately resulted in personal injury, are serving as even more proof that automakers should not focus on regional recalls when it comes to the Takata air bag problem.

Takata has already indicated its support of a nationwide recall, however, it has also reported that the issue could be difficult to address considering that it might not be possible for the company to produce enough replacement parts to all defective and potentially deadly air bag.

Lawmakers have recently pressured the federal agency to ensure that the Takata air bag-related recall is expanded to all states so that consumers across the country are safe.

Companies like BMW have already issued recalls that affect vehicles nationwide, but others like Honda have only focused on states and U.S. territories where the high humidity could expose the air bag system to a potentially deadly personal injury risk.

Many automakers are still expected to address the nationwide recall in the next few months. Consumers living in regions where the vehicles have already been recalled are urged to have their air bags replaced right away, but if you do not live in these areas, make sure to contact your auto maker for further instructions.

Too often, recalls are issued over personal injury risks and still, drivers ignore them. Do not let that happen to you.

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