Recall Issued For Dietary Supplements, FDA Reports

Post On 02-10-2015

The latest reports coming from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration have indicated that Detox Transforms Health and Nutrition has recently indicated that a recall campaign has been issued to remedy a problem with certain dietary supplements.

The official announcement indicated that the items come with certain undeclared ingredients that could expose consumers to a series of health issues, even cancer over long periods of use.

The recall campaign was launched by the company but only after the FDA released reports on the drug’s analysis. According to the test, EDGE Amplified Weight Release, iNDiGO, AMPD Gold Bee Pollen, BtRim Max, and iNSANE Bee Pollen were produced with certain ingredients that could expose consumers to health risks.

Some of the products were produced with phenolphthalein. An ingredient that is not listed in the product’s table of contents. According to the FDA, the drug increase the risk of serious gastrointestinal disturbances and even irregular heartbeat. Prolonged exposure to the undeclared ingredients could also expose consumers to cancer.

Some of the dietary supplements also contained fluoxetine, an ingredient that could expose consumers to serious adverse health consequences if the consumer is also taking MAO-Inhibitors and serotonin precursors. Of the side attacks linked to this ingredient involve suicidal thinking, seizures, and abnormal bleeding.

The recalled dietary supplements were sold nationwide. Consumers who believe they have been impacted should contact Detox Transforms immediately to make sure that the product they have in their possession have been associated with the recall. Units affected by this campaign should be returned.

While no incidents or adverse reactions linked to the products impacted by this recall have been reported so far, consumers should never ignore the risks associated with recalled products, especially if they are dietary supplements that they rely on.

For more details on this particular recall and how you should proceed to ensure your health is protected, follow this link.