Recaro ProSport Car Safety Seats Affected by Recall

Post On 02-19-2015

The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has recently indicated that thousands of car safety seats manufactured by Recaro Child Safety LLC are being recalled.

The recall campaign was issued after the company learned that the Recaro ProSport model 385 child restraints come with certain LATCH lower anchors that may not protect the child correctly. This issue could expose the child to serious risks since the lower anchors provided by the LATCH system may not protect the child’s head correctly.

According to experts, the restraint may fail and the child may not be secured by the car safety seat in the event of an accident.

What Car Safety Seats Have Been Impacted?

The car safety seats impacted by this recall involve the Recaro ProSport model 385 child restraints that were manufactured between June 16, 2010 and January 31, 2013. Consumers with the impacted units are being contacted by the manufacturer. New labels explaining how parents should proceed to make sure that the LATCH system is never used again should be made available for free.

Consumers who are also parents should make sure they are aware of any recall campaigns issued for products they may use to protect their children. Car safety seats are often recalled after reports of incidents are registered. Parents who are concerned about recalls related to car safety seats and other child-related products should follow the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Consumer Product Safety Administration feeds.

For the full recall announcement issued by the NHTSA, follow this link to read the full recall report.