Boys & Girls Jackets Recalled Over Strangulation Hazard

Post On 10-23-2013

Multiple news agencies have recently indicated that Trail Crest boys and girls hooded sweatshirts and jackets have been recalled over a possible strangulation hazard.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has estimated that the sweatshirts and jackets affected by this recall could pose a serious risk to children. In light of the fact that the CPSC issued new guidelines for boys and girls sweatshirts and jackets, the company had to issue the recall since the drawstrings in its children’s upper outwear failed to comply with safety standards. To keep children from being exposed to a possible strangulation incident risk, the company has announced that the garments should be taken away from children immediately.

Any consumer with the affected product should remove the drawstrings from these products in order to eliminate the hazard that it could pose to children. While no injuries linked to these products have been reported, the company has urged consumers to act promptly to keep any child from being immediately exposed to any potential risk.

The full recall announcement can be found here.

Any recall associated with products designed for children should be promptly addressed in order to prevent any possible injury incident.