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New Tech Could Boost Car Safety For Cyclists, Pedestrians

Post On 02-20-2015

Technology has brought us many innovations, but when it comes to car safety technology, innovations are seldom looked at from the point of view of those sharing the road with passenger cars.

According to a series of experts, automakers like Land Rover are working on developing technology that doesn’t improve driver’s safety alone. It would also make sure(Read More)

Recaro ProSport Car Safety Seats Affected by Recall

Post On 02-19-2015

The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has recently indicated that thousands of car safety seats manufactured by Recaro Child Safety LLC are being recalled.

The recall campaign was issued after the company learned that the Recaro ProSport model 385 child restraints come with certain LATCH lower anchors that may not protect the child correctly. This issue could(Read More)

Legislators Want To Focus On Car Safety, Safer Materials

Post On 02-18-2015

Car safety has been a hot topic lately.

The several innovations the auto industry has championed haven’t been enough to prevent accidents and make sure that all drivers are safe. In spite of the number of accidents, technology has been changing. For the better. Now, car safety experts believe that the use of new materials could boost safety(Read More)

New Car Technology Would Make Catching Vandals Easy

Post On 02-12-2015

According to several news reports, a new type of car technology could soon be helping drivers everywhere to avoid major costs in the long run.

The Intelligent Damage Detection System developed by a German company would offer a system that reads the exact moment and intensity of a scratch or dent. The technology also offers a warning to(Read More)

Does Car Technology Make Your Car Vulnerable to Hackers?

Post On 02-10-2015

Wireless technology has been boosting connectivity and efficiency across the board. But when it comes to car technology, it’s also boosting the risks.

Several experts have been urging automakers to pay special attention to car technology and security as systems used in newer vehicles are increasingly interconnected. As technology advances, hackers also advance. Their focus on attacking vehicles(Read More)

Could Car-to-Car Communication Boost Motorcycle & Car Safety?

Post On 01-26-2015

Car safety is a serious subject. According to a serious of news reports, the Department of Transportation continues to look into improving road safety. To do that, it wants to improve motorcycle safety.

The car-to-car communication system has been under tests for a few years with the help of the DOT. It could soon be used not only(Read More)

NHTSA’s Car Safety Ratings May Change

Post On 01-22-2015

The car safety rating system used by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is about to undergo some important changes that could boost safety and help consumers to find out exactly the kind of car they need much more easily.

According to a series of reports concerning the changes proposed by the NHTSA, more information concerning car safety(Read More)

Car Parts Manufacturers Step Up Quality Control

Post On 01-14-2015

The wave of auto recalls we saw in 2014 got car parts manufacturers scrambling to meet the demands due to the high volume of recalls put forth by automakers. According to a series of news reports, suppliers are being urged to step up their efforts to ensure their products are top quality so future recalls can be(Read More)

AAA Wants You To Get Your Car Ready For Winter

Post On 01-09-2015

In certain California areas where the winter may turn out to be somewhat harsh, drivers should never ignore the damage their vehicles often experience due to the drop in temperature. Too often, the damage increases the risk of accidents, putting the lives of everyone involved in serious danger.

AAA has decided to put together a list of certain(Read More)

Car Safety Tech Is Saving Lives

Post On 01-07-2015

Auto accidents continue to be the number one cause of death among small children, but when it comes to the overall number of deadly car accidents in the country, reports have indicated that the number has been declining considerably. While that’s true, the number of accidents happening due to distraction has been allegedly increasing, putting the burden(Read More)