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September Picked Child Passenger Safety Month

Post On 08-29-2014

During the month of September, experts will be working on teaching parents about car and child safety in order to address issues linked to incorrectly installed car seats.

During the week between September 14 and 20, officials will be holding the Child Passenger Safety Week. Towards the end of the week, experts across the country will be celebrating(Read More)

Two Children Die In Incidents Involving Bean Bag Chairs

Post On 08-22-2014

According to a series of news reports, two incidents associated with certain bean bag chairs that unfortunately claimed the lives of two children have been linked to a recall announcement.

The official announcement released by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission indicated that the bean bags linked to this recall have been fitted with zippers whose accessibility may(Read More)

Children Continue to Die in Hot Cars, 17 Have Died in 2014 Alone

Post On 08-06-2014

Leaving children in hot cars has become a serious problem in the United States. Multiple advocacy groups are urging parents and caregivers to follow a series of steps to avoid this kind of incident, but considering the latest incidents, some believe that the task is much harder than they imagined it.

Not too long ago, two children in(Read More)

Safety Advocacy Group Launches Petition to Prevent Child Deaths in Hot Cars

Post On 07-15-2014

According to a series of news reports, a new petition has been launched by KidsAndCars.org, an organization that hopes to ensure parents are doing everything in their power to secure their kids while they are riding along by providing parents accurate and detailed information on how to protect their little ones.

The petition is asking the White House(Read More)

Kids Are Still Dying in Hot Cars, Parents Should Follow These Safety Tips

Post On 06-25-2014

Parents are often stressed and tired. Their routines are often changing and too often, they are sleep-deprived.

Leaving a child in the back seat by mistake can increase their chances of suffering heat-related illnesses that could even turn out to be fatal. This year, 14 children have died from heat stroke because they were left in locked cars.(Read More)

Kids Should Never Be Left in Hot Cars

Post On 05-08-2014

Every year, reports of children suffering greatly because of heat-related incidents involving their parents and caregivers’ cars send a chill down our spine.

It’s important for parents to remember the weather does little to change the fact that the inside of vehicles are often quite hot quite quickly, which is a serious threat to children who are not(Read More)

Graco Might Be Pressured to Recall Even More Child Safety Seats

Post On 05-07-2014

According to recent news reports, safety regulators have been urging Graco to add more car safety seats to a previous recall after the agency learned that some of these seats can pose a major danger to children.

According to recent releases, the NHTSA is increasing the pressure on the company Graco Children’s Products to add about 1.8 million(Read More)

Save Your Child’s Life, Follow These Window Safety Tips

Post On 04-17-2014

According to Safe Kids Oregon, parents should observe the risks that their kids are exposed to at all times while in the house. Too often, seemingly harmless household objects and furniture pieces may pose a risk to children that are not addressed by their parents because they are honestly unaware of the dangers.

Because of the dangers that(Read More)

Volvo Develops Inflatable Car Seats

Post On 04-15-2014

Child and car safety should always go hand in hand.

According to recent reports, Volvo has decided to develop a new car safety seat concept that would make sure that children are entirely safe while riding along their parents in their car and that would also make the parents’ lives much easier.

The new concept would make old bulky(Read More)

Experts Concerned That Children Might Mistake Liquid Nicotine For Candy

Post On 04-03-2014

According to a series of news reports, a new danger could be lurking if parents are not alert and focused on making sure that their children are not exposed to any risks.

Because of the increase in the number of e-cigarette smokers across the country, producers of liquid nicotine have been having to respond to a high volume(Read More)