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Are Officers Reporting Distracted Driving Crashes?

Post On 02-19-2015

Distractions often expose drivers to serious risks. But are the number of accidents actually caused by distracted driving under reported?

Some experts believe so.

According to recent reports, an investigation into how officers report on distracted driving crashes in Hawaii may give us an idea of how these accidents are being registered. The report shows that, in spite of(Read More)

Distracted Driving Laws Are Hard to Enforce, Officers Say

Post On 01-15-2014

According to a series of news reports, law enforcement agencies have been indicating that certain distracted driving laws are not easy to enforce, making it difficult for the authorities to send out a strong message concerning the risks associated with using a phone while behind the wheel.

According to a law enforcement officers, identifying texting or cell phone(Read More)

Fuel Leak Risk Prompts Recall of Arctic Cat Snowmobiles

Post On 01-15-2014

According to a series of news reports, Arctic Cat snowmobiles have been recalled over a possible fire hazard.

The report published by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has indicated that the snowmobiles that were listed under the recall announcement come with fuel tanks that could experience leaks, increasing the risk of a fire if the fuel comes(Read More)